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Ashley Crabtree

A black belt under Professor Derek Lemos, Ashley began her BJJ/MMA journey in 2010. As a recently divorced, single mother, Ashley wanted a way to feel protected- not only for herself, but her family. Starting solely for self-defense purposes, she quickly realized she had a passion for BJJ/MMA and her desire to compete was born. Ashley's knowledge and work ethic have shown in her success both as an amateur MMA fighter with 2 wins 0 losses as well as winning The Toughman Competition in 2018.  She has won countless BJJ tournaments, including the Expert Nogi division at NAGA. Ashley has a passion for helping women learn self-defense and building confidence in themselves. Ashley instructs all the women's BJJ classes at RCBJJ and dedicates herself to anything the gym ever needs of her. Coaching kickboxing, women's self defense classes, kid's BJJ classes and anywhere in between. Ashley is an absolute blessing to RCBJJ Lawton and all the women who have had the privilege to train under her. 

"As a woman, it can be intimidating starting a male dominated sport. Do NOT let that stop you. Hands down, joining Derek's team has been the best decision I've ever made."

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