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Derek Lemos

A Black Belt under Master Ricardo Cavalcanti, Derek's journey began in 2010 as an aspiring mix martial artist. Derek quickly compiled a 2-1 amateur  record showing potential for a great future in the sport of MMA. However, Derek's love for coaching really began after an unfortunate accident led doctors to discover he has a rare congenital brain condition ultimately ending his ability to fight MMA. Despite doctors warnings, Derek has continued his jiu jitsu journey with caution and has achieved much success through others as he pours his knowledge into them everyday on the mats. Derek has shaped and formed some of the best MMA and jiu jitsu competitors in Oklahoma. His style of concept based jiu jitsu has shown to be highly effective in competition and self defense. Derek continues to coach, train, and compete alongside his students despite his condition and continues to thank God for his health every day.


" I roll even knowing what the doctors warned me could happen, this has just always been apart of my adult life". 

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